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Unrolling Idukki Gold.

Another poster making experience… Here!

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"Help us, to help you" -Kerala Police


We are here and we are brewing! Grab your cup of coffee now @ Cafe Papaya

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Paulo Coelho Series

Book cover illustrations and layouts customised for Malayalam versions of 14 novels authored by Paulo Coelho . Publishers - DC Books.

22 Female Kottayam

The pathbreaking flick from ace director Aashiq Abu, 22FK has hit right at the centre of the so called "change" phenomenon happening in the Malayalam movie industry today. Tessa's story has been widely accepted..


Livlong neutraceuticals is a health supplement manufacturer and marketer for the global retail market . Papaya has played a vital role in giving this brand a new outlook by creating a new identity design..

Everyone has a question,
What Song would you Listen to, again ?

♪ I wake in the morning and I step outside, And I take A deep breath and I get real high, And I scream from the top of my lungs, Whats going on...

Four Non Blondes ' Whats going on '

Movies that blew my mind ! - Saiju Sreedharan

Tennen kokekko (2007)

Director : Nobuhiro Yamashita

Also Known As : A Gentle Breeze in the Village


Eighth-grader Soyo lives in a very small rural village of Japan where the primary and middle school share a building for all of 6 students. They spend a happy childhood together playing around the village. Osawa, a boy from Tokyo, transfers to this school. Soyo and Osawa exchange their first kiss through a small incident and naturally become a couple. Adults have their problems but for children, the festival in summer, hair styles, and the ghost tale about a woman who died on the beach are far more important. There is no glamour but the time of purity passes never to be forgotten. After his previous film The Matsugane Potshot Affair, Nobuhiro Yamashita comes back with a peaceful and warm film.

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Mr six pack Moopan ! - Ajay Menon

Photo Trip

Location : Munnar

We were tripping in the interiors of a Munnar village for shooting Ayyo, the Avial track, when i crossed paths with Mr Moopan (call him Moopan with love). A 70 year old superman as i would like to call him was just back from his usual 2 months wild trip from the jungle and it was a treat for us to know him, precisely to see a person carrying the energy and health of mother nature as it is.Lived his life for a day and i could bow down to his vigorous way of life for the rest of my life.
Give it up for Mr six pack Mooopan!
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Smearing Art, the Smart Way ! - Elwin Charly


Style  : Illustration

Mode : Poster Design

Little did i think my passion and love for art would take me to a place i never in my wildest dreams imagined to be. My test assignment on the first day of work will always be the most memorable peice of work. My scribbles for the band Avial turned out to be quite a hit with the fans. To see my work of art as centerpeice at the website launch was an incredible feeling.Famous personalities wanting to take it home to frame it almost gave me a Myocardial infarction, but here i am alive and kicking. More to be done, more to be shown.Stay tuned.

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'Blah Blah Blah!'


Cafe Papaya

The cafe is going be a place for like minded people to hang out listening to good music watching great movies and sipping on some refreshing coffee.


Taking our fruit to the next level

Papaya is now a local call away for our peeps in “macha” land, Bangalore  and we have also successfully managed to take a piece of our fruit  to the land of the sheiks ,good food and good life ,Dubai .


Ayyo ... Ayyo !

Get ready for shouting 'Ayoo!'. The new Avial video is comin up ...


22 Female Kottayam

Papaya could not have have been more proud of being a part of  22 Female  Kottayam  ,  a movie that stands in a class of its own and broke stereotypes 


"All you have to do is dream" . We at Papaya say 'DAMN RIGHT'. 
We are decoders of the common language uniting brands with their consumers. Keeping things simple and minimal is the key to everything we do . It’s true, we produce inspirational and thoughtful work, yet we’re a humble bunch . You will discover we're nimble , unconventional and non-traditional in our approach.
We at papaya offers an "all-round" service . So whether you need a digital solution, print, media, or a multi faceted campaign, we have the expertise to make it happen, on time. 
The kettle is always on, so drop by and have a cuppa chai with us ...!



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Hafsar Ali



Kittu Jayaraj



Papaya + Avial = Malfunction

Warning : All art and music enthusiasts will scream in joy and could loose your voice after what we have in store for you.

From a dream. to a talk. to reality.

That’s right .We are an absolute new breed of an art and music ensemble offering a wide range of the two in one complete package . With Papaya's longstanding personal relationship with Avial,the winner of eight Jack Daniel (we were hoping for it to be bottles too) Best Rock Band awards , we are well placed to open doors.

As the name suggests "MAL'" Function's mission is to create a niche for artists and musicians of our mother land and creatively involve along with them in producing music, visual entertainment, feature length films and art and music festivals/events with MAL FUNCTION taking care of purely the art and music bit, might we add music and art come before business.

In a nutshell collaboration with local talent to produce wonders or possibly giving birth to a new genre is what we aim to do.

Come jam with us if you have some voice left :)

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